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The true legitimate Pope is Benedict XVI. PERIOD.
Nominating Bergoglio in a Holy Mass is an act of lying, conscious or not, in the Temple of God because Bergoglio is 100% illegitimate, he is the imposter described by the Holy Mother Virgin Mary.
A Minister of God cannot lie in the Temple of God! Also into the modernist catholic church there is no longer the sense of sin, no mention of the true teachings of Jesus, no mention of the 10 Commandments, nothing about the need for frequent confession, no mention of the capital vices, Bergoglio and his heretical servants try to bring the world and the souls at perdition. That's why Pope Benedict XVI, also addressing the Protestants invited them to look at the facts suggesting the Holy (Catholic) Mass in the ancient Tridentine Rite, in Latin, all the Christian churches of the world must be united under the TRUE Pontiff, the true successor of St. Peter, Benedict XVI, because Bergoglio and his satanic church of perversion is an abomination that cannot save anyone! We are still in a false peace, please wake up! All Christian churches can be saved only with the Truth, represented by our Majesty and Lord Jesus of Nazareth (who lives with us and within us thanks to the Sacrament of the Eucharist, that is Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ) and by His faithful and true Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI.
A priest cannot lie in the Temple of God by telling us that Bergoglio would be the Pope as the masonic and mafia's propaganda would have us believe!

If you simply read in Italian just take a look at these two books that unmask Bergoglio: 1)


If you want to be sincere, serious and honest with yourself and with God, you have to find the TRUE Catholic Holy Mass (without the modernist-masonic changes), the true Holy Mass that Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcin continued to celebrate despite the council soiled by masonry.
In order to do that, you can visit this site here about your Country:
or you can search here if you are Italian:

The false heretical and apostate church refuses to submit to the true Pope Benedict XVI.

The small Catholic rest does not recognize Bergoglio as Pope simply because he IS NOT.

Meaning of schism:
the refusal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.

Priests of our Lord Jesus Christ are free to celebrate in communion with the TRUE current Pope, the real successor of St. Peter, Pope Benedict XVI

lukewarm priests, confused and forced to celebrate in communion with Bergoglio, who is not Pope, with the hypocritical excuse of not attacking the argentine beast to maintain order and peace, or, more exactly, to maintain this false peace, an hypocritical masonic peace based on the Bergoglio's anti-Christian hatred and lies in the Temple of God.


Ministers of our Lord Jesus Christ could just say in the Holy Mass: "in communion with the Holy Father" thinking to the true Pope, Benedict XVI. Therefore, they should no longer name Bergoglio in the Holy Mass, Bergoglio is NOT a Christian, he is the satanic imposter, a wicked hypocrite who must be erased as soon as possible from the Holy Liturgy and from the Vatican!

Also, it's NOT enough to reintroduce only a small part in Latin in the Sacred Liturgy. You've to know that in the last 50 years masonry has astutely stained the Sacred Liturgy, so, now all of us elected must contribute to the AWARENESS and to restore together with our best Priests the 100% of the Sacred Liturgy, bringing it back to the true divine Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, like the true Catholic Church has been for 2000 years (before the masonic rip-off).

Masonry is the secret church of satan.... NEVER forget that, NEVER.
No compromises can be made with satan
, and therefore not even with his church, the infamous masons. The masonry has the same satanic germ as the mafias, so masonry must be equated with the mafia's organizations in the laws of the sovereign States.

Bergoglio, a mason who is part of the group of jesuits traitors, the heretic part of jesuits, dares to lie and to make theaters in the Temple of God, offending God with lies and with heretical cardinals and sodomites that he placed in key places. Bergoglio has persecuted genuine and truly catholic religious orders like the Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate, he continues to tell crap and heresies, and LOOK THAT HE IS DOING all these ones and other abominable things INSIDE THE TEMPLE OF GOD, THE VATICAN!!!!

There is also an artist-magician who created statues and gave strange statues to priests in various Nations, some statues had middle and ring fingers united, that is masonic symbology, the same symbology used by Bergoglio, but we avoid to communicate other blasphemous things with the statues and a certain effeminate way of certain artists in the history of creating sculptures and religious representations. These sodomites artists have already been judged. Bergoglio has also blessed some statues of these sodomite artists, but he is not the pope and he is not a priest, he is only a satanic beast.

Anyway, in spite of all this mating of beasts that are tele-driven by the Rothschild banksters-puppeteers and their cabala's tentacles in order to support the Bergoglio's iniquity, we are grateful to God for knowing that the TRUE Pope Benedict XVI is still THE ONLY POPE and he is still holding the true Catholic Apostolic Roman Church, the ONLY TRUE universal Church of Jesus Christ that will vomit on those stupid beasts and on the puppeteers, the Rothschilds banksters.

Bergoglio is just the Rothschild's imposter sent by devil thanks to the Rothschild kabbalists and abusive banksters that used the financial SWIFT block against the Vatican in order to facilitate the horror and the arrival of the argentine beast, prepared by the infamous "school of Bologna of the heretical cardinal Martini". Bergoglio is not Catholic, he is not Christian! He MUST get out of the Vatican that is not a place for demons, actors, liars and abominable masons or other betrayer of our Lord Jesus Christ! The Vatican is the Temple of God, so the apostate beast Bergoglio and all his apostates clowns have to go away....

---- Marco Chapter 13 - 21,22,23
21 'And if anyone says to you then, "Look, here is the Christ" or, "Look, he is there," do not believe it; 22 for false Christs and false prophets will arise and produce signs and portents to deceive the elect, if that were possible. 23 You, therefore, must be on your guard. I have given you full warning. ----

We repudiate peacefully (for now) the lies and the heresies of the argentine beast Bergoglio in the Temple of God. We repudiate the Bergoglio's hidden idolatry of the Rothschild kabbalah's false lamb, the dumb medioocre like a demon and like a mummy in his sarcophagus or sepulcher. And do not force us to talk also about the new horizons of the Bergoglio modernist prostitution, the fake new evangelization, that is masonic modernism (lucifer) evangelization, like the Lucis (lucifer) Trust lobbying at the United Nations, masons and hypocrites satanists! Like the masonic UNICEF that bother us by phone-calling us and seeking donations, but, like the worst criminals, UNICEF uses children as human shields to spread the culture of death, LGBT and other abominations. The UNICEF works to change the mind of the poor children by teaching them notions of LGBT culture, as if it were natural! UNICEF ​​is also an abominable abortion organization.


They want a society without God, the Rothschild's worms killed John Fitzgerald Kennedy (catholic) for that, because they want to defend abusive demoniacal interests, and they want we call all their rubbish, civil rights.

The Rothschild's worms can violate your PRIVACY also by stupid displays spreaded to the mass-media, by trying to corrupt people, mass-media businessmen, anchor men, journalists, showmen, media workers, politicians, in order to impose their lies by using blackmail, threats, false evidence and scandals....

Bergoglio and the Rothschild cabalists don't care about the really hungry children and women in Africa. The fake pope and beast Bergoglio knows everything but dares to lie in the Temple of God, The Vatican, where Bergoglio has offended and insulted the Name of Jesus Christ and desecrated His Sacraments with his heresy and apostasy.

The evil one and the masons/kabbalists Rothschild corrupted and convinced many people and many politicians that we should have to call all those LGBT abominations "civil rights", and they also want to teach the same demoniacal garbage to the poor children all over the world, to change their psicology. Of course the beast Bergoglio remains dumb like the demon and his false lamb....

Do you know which is the number of the Rothschild's cabbala? Many people and authorities all over the world know....

That is just legalized HORROR. Also, please remember that you send money to the masonic UNICEF when you buy some stupid product that promotes on its package the UNICEF logo, we can call them foolish companies looking for easy advertising on the skin of poor and defenseless children.

As Bergoglio exploits and uses the rhetoric of the poor in order to morally and ideologically raise on others, so these poor foolish companies use the UNICEF logo to give themselves a good image, but all the people are deceived by the Rothschild satanic skullduggery.

The Rothschild are not jewish at all, a true Jewish was Ratisbonne who became Catholic after the apparition of the Blessed Virgin.

We have to fight the diabolic Bergoglio and the Rothschilds' beasts and we've to unmask their cabala's false lamb that is a false Christ, a mummy.

The sovereign and indipendent States or the true Catholic organizations can care those children much better and with less costs than the masonic organizations, so do not send any money to the masonic United Nations or to the masonic UNICEF, and please ask your politicians to avoid to finance the United Nations and the related Rothschild's iniquities and skullduggery.

This is the time of Justice, it's not the time of false mercy. The true Mercy from God will be there only after Justice has been done to the end. The more Bergoglio will remain in the Vatican the greater and harder the Holy Wrath of God will be. The masonries (satan church) and all the related mediocre people will not escape the Holy Wrath of God, which dominates the justice and the security of men. Masonry will be swept away because it is abominable, and so MUST BE for the fake church of Bergoglio the imposter who continues to lie in the Temple of God.

Continuing to name the name of the beast Bergoglio during the liturgy is an affront and an infinite insult to God. So Christians open your eyes! Many modernist priests sold themselves to the devil.

The elects, in Christ, for Christ and with Christ contributed to the defeat and the destruction of darkness, of hypocrisy, of envy, of contempt, of idolatry, of pharisaism, of ideology, of tiranny, of lies, and we have destroyed the artificial creation of false evidences.... We have still to fight the evil lobbies of sodom and gomorrah (the LGBT lobbies), but with the help of God we've also to fight against the evil part of the health industry, the evil part of psychology and psychiatry enslaved to the devil; they don't make our good, but with the excuse of our comfort or about helping us to monitor our health better, they actually want to control us and to blackmail us! But there is also a healthy and good part of the health industry.

Our Lord Jesus Christ came 2000 years ago, comes and will come again at the end of the world, that is not in these centuries. You too are invited to His Kingdom of Peace, Truth and Justice. God is absolutely transcendental and He is present continuously alive in The Blessed Sacrament, as Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Majesty and Lord of Heaven and Earth, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady The Immaculate Conception and all the Saints and Saint Pio of Pietrelcina are with St. Michael the Archangel at our side in this Battle for the Glory of God. The true Church of Jesus Christ is Catholic, Apostolic, Roman (CAR) and the Sacred Liturgy without any masonic scrub is only the Roman Tridentine Latin Rite where it is celebrated in communion with the true Pope Benedict XVI (Bergoglio is not even named, for us he is irrelevant like the evil masonry), Shalom!

Many priests still mention Bergoglio only because they fear him because of how he treated many dissidents and the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. Bergoglio doesn't help the poors, it's just propaganda, the most cowardly one.

P.S.: the worst evil and material and spiritual poverty in the world is due to bank seigniorage (just find "Professor Giacinto Auriti", he has been a friend of the true Pope, Benedict XVI). Communism, nazism and masonry were created and funded by the Rothschild banksters (the financial antichrist), who also murdered JFK by hiding themselves behind other criminal laborers. You have to know that the former GREAT US PRESIDENT JFK was the author of the Executive Order 11110 which sought to do justice to the abusive banking seigniorage of the Rothschilds' banksters, a criminal system that suffocates and manipulates the whole world and destroys the people of Africa. The Rothschilds' banksters created and funded Hitler, they funded the ideologies and they created and funded the communism. The solution? Professor Giacinto Auriti and his universitary studies about MONEY and its creation. PERIOD.

Also, our target as free and indipendent men and women owned by our Lord and King of the universe Jesus Christ is just to DESTROY all the infamous sects of the various masonries, this is a good example => And, also the link below it's important to break down the lies of the Rothschild masons (banksters and manufacturers of death, poverty and misery) and all the disgusting masons all over the world and the lies of the modernist priests of the false church of Bergoglio, the false pope of the poors, the argentine beast, imposter and clown that the SWIFT financial block imposed in the Vatican, without a true authorization of God.... Pope Benedict has been forced to step back, but he remains the true Pope of the true Church of Jesus Christ. Look also at this show that helps the poors much better than the hypocrite beast Bergoglio: BERGOGLIO, YOU'RE NOT THE POPE, YOU'RE AN IMPOSTER, SO GET OUT SOON OF THE TEMPLE OF GOD! The next Pope, who will be worthy, can rebuild everything and shut out the sodomites priest that satan infiltrated inside the Vatican, but you Bergoglio must disappear SOON from the Vatican! You are 100% unworthy and you just have to leave! Whatever Bergoglio has done or is doing is irrelevant and without any theological and canonical value, just because he is not the Pope.... So, all the Bergoglio's iniquities against God in His Holy Temple will be 100% ERASED after Bergoglio, by the next worthy Pope!

This web page has been read by THOUSANDS of people and by many Governments of all continents, from U.S.A., from Italy, from Russia, from China, from India. SO, WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH! GO AWAY BERGOGLIO! GO AWAY ROTHSCHILD! GO AWAY SATAN! GET OUT BERGOGLIO THE IMPOSTER FROM THE VATICAN!

P.P.S. Let's listen to a Catholic martyr, the former President of the United States, JFK, for which the cause of beatification has perhaps not yet been requested. In the Vatican they also have to give us many explanations about that with the new Pope, the next true successor of the Pope Benedict XVI.