The famous Golden Nissan has already won, but the son of perdition Arcangelo Corvaglia ('77) and his criminal father who damages his own niece with other criminals to make APE VICTIMISM and foolishly blackmail the United Kingdom, I was saying, those things and much more of course can't be understood by the sub-monkeys and the monkey (satan), they know they are monkey-puppets and spies on behalf of the devil. Those monkeys only understand how to deceive others, how to harm innocent women and children, how to cheat others at work and in the bank, how to use criminals on the street against police and against innocent people, how to pervert others and how to pervert themselves, they only understand and teach these things related to pain, death, perdition, suffering on others for their advantage and to serve satan, the monkey. -------- Why the son of perdition is in Maglie (LE) in via Roma (Babilonia)? Think.... Idolatry at the newly built gold cow (humanized by the son of the false lamb, the connected monkey with the son of perdition, both of 1977, and the cabala number is 770, ask carabinieri Police why they add a 0, and the related added diverted monkey illegali and satanic services to serve the devil, not humans and God), but in terms of real Gold value, Nissan has already won, a gold color CAR has won against monkeys, HA! Be happy! :)

We are real traditional Catholics, we can JUDGE in the name of our Lord Jesus, as our Pastors - Alter Christus . taught us with wisdom and biblical knowledge that you too can learn by reading the old and new testaments of the Holy Bible, God does not change and Our Lord Jesus Christ (God) said that He did not come 2000 years ago to change His same Law, He came to save us 2000 years ago once and forever, but the monkeys of satan have not understood or their satanic pride can't allow them to understand, so, we will bring them all to the ICC in Holland.... And anybody who dares to judge us or our friends, will be judged by God and exterminated, fast!....

The son of perdition moved in Maglie (LE) because the current idolatry has been moved by satan to the son of the false lamb (1977, toh!), but we also have a long list of saint made at the contrary, san Matteo at the contrary (it is connected with Matteo Messina Denaro, a mafia fugitive police will arrest soon), Arcangelo at the contrary, saint Andrew at the contrary (the false lamb), saint Giovanni at the contrary (the consultant friend of the devil advocate who even tried to blackmail Carabinieri police in Italy), saint Rita at the contrary, saint Luigi (the devil's advocate) at the contrary, saint Costanza at the contrary, saint Teresa at the contrary, san Nicola at the contrary (the cow humanized), saint Antonio the sodomite, saint Maurizio at the contrary (a communist priest sold to ideology and that offended Our lord Jesus Christ with ridiculous satanic and vomiting homilies aping humanism (atheist), sentimentalism, and in a disguised way communist satanic theologyetc.... and, of course, saint Francis of Assisi at the contrary, the fake pope connected to Frank (the snack-pork-monkey) Merenda (1977 too).

Got it?

The son of perdition Arcangelo Corvaglia gone in Portugal a few years ago to open the road to bergoglio666, like a stupid mafia monkey that say to other stupid mafias people << our pope is arriving here, we can even make Fatima at the contrary >>

They tried with Matteo Renzi and Bettino Craxi to occupy all modernist churches that in fact don't speak anymore about Our Lord Jesus Christ, but only about their corruption and their ape acting for local interests, humanism and atheism, sentimentalism and a stupid aping about a so called "loving others" and a fake (satanic) sense of friendship, but by offending and by trying to cancel God, even by trying to change the Bible, the Gospel, the Missal of the true Church ever (the 1962 or earlier traditional latin Missal) etc etc
Those things are disgusting and they will be brutally punished if they don't want to go voluntary under arrest. -------- Also the the pedophile and sodomite lobby in the Vatican, infiltrated by masonries, will be punished brutally, WITHOUT ANY MERCY FOR THEM.... Mercy is for others that believe seriously in God and that respect God!

Those kids harmed, killed or raped are still crying out for vengeance from Heaven, and they will have Justice! --------

Those monkeys are GUILTY and THEY will be judged at the International Tribunal in The Hague for Crimes against Humanity, as he wanted J. F. Kennedy (another Soldier who never made compromises with satan, killed by them after the replacing of the Holy Lityrgy of the Ancient Roman Rite of 1962 Missal), the Courts can't be avoided and can't be used (like in Italy) with corrupt judges with whom going to London (together with that stupid Luigi Corvaglia) to CORRUPT and to invent false evidences even against the noble UK citizens by exploiting the skin of a young woman, his same granddaughter (of the devil's advocate himself, that satanic fake and hypocritical lawyer Luigi Corvaglia doesn't care of his granddaughter and have damaged her with other MAFIA criminals in the UK!), those are inhuman bestiality and criminal blackmails that must absolutely be punished without mercy.... SHAME, CRIMINALS of the first and second beast organizations! You're about to pay for your crimes!

The sphinxes placed by masonry in the Cathedral of Bari demonstrate how the magic of the monkey (satan) serves to deceive and spread perversion and satanism, disguised as something else, and to try to put PERVERTED and stupid scum who dares to tempt, and then to spy and judge in the place of God, without having the Science, but inventing a plausible false science, convenient for perverts and wicked people, that now have another gold cow (humanized) and with the statues of sphinxes inserted in the cathedral of San Nicola in Bari by the ape masonry (the secret church of satan) served to arrive at a Bergoglio666 in the Vatican /The Temple of God corrupted by masonry and sodomy) and idolatry of perverted people to the son of the false lamb of the Apocalypse (AL), in order to connect the son of perdition Archangelo Corvaglia ('77) with the perversion and the worst deceptions, scandals and offenses to God made in the world, their self-built "mercy" and "aping-church", a church open to dogs, pigs, sodomites and the worst unrepentant prostitutes, whom Jesus wanted to save, saying go, and sin no more, that is, you are saved ONLY if you convert yourself and sin no more.

Now we will begin to DISRUPT the antechambers of masonry, the unconverted masons and others sold to the devil. Advocate Corvaglia, that is a pioneer in idolatry to a "gold" cow humanized, for perverts like him and his wife, the great prostitute of the Apocalypse who embodies the worst Rome with its mafias. Another compromise useful for mafias and perverted sodomites they want to include in their satanic church, they are "merciful", understand?

We will remove very soon those satanic sphinxes placed by masonry in the Cathedral of Bari, Masonry put those statues there to help satanic magician like Don Maurizio Tarantino, a communist and heretic priest that never spoken in the right way about our Lord jesus Christ, now in the town and near the hospital, Poggiardo, where the great prostitute of the Apocalypse that embodies from years 60s the worst Rome, made perverted things with other hospital's workers (she is the wife of the devil's advocate Luigi Corcaglia and mother of the son of perdition Arcangelo Corvaglia, born in 1977, that's why they built the false lamb (another monkey-puppet of 1977) and another monkey-pork-puppet of '77, a snack called Frank Merenda, another sub-monkey sold to devil and that offended the Holy Virgin Lady Marie Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, with impressive insults by his animals and fake salesmen group on Facebook, the shit of the world are those people sold to devil, and we can't tolerate Bergoglio666 is still there. When the new pope arrive?

As believer in Our Lord jesus Christ we have had enough patience with Bergoglio666, now the satanic puppet and sub-monkey built by masonry in Argentina must go away (SOON) from the Temple of God, or something really brutal will happen to that puppet of the monkey (satan).

Movies like Gladiator still teach good things thank God, but too many movies still show sodomites as normal lifestyle rather then satanic and immoral, dangerous not only for children that could be infected by watching TV or going to the cinema, but dangerous also for adult people.

Ronald Reagan was an actor too, like Cameron Diaz, that acting talent is a way to teach good things, JFK dreamed a word FREE and INDEPENDENT from evil and demonic interests (Rothschild's matrix), not a world independent and indifferent in the sense of allowing (or even teaching by movies) the worst possible perversions as they were normal and natural, against any real science and against morality, but, above all, against God and His Holy Bible.

Why and how are they still being threatened despite JFK's sacrifice? It is a problem of poor culture? If yes please add more culture inside Hollywood too!

Roman Rite Catholics are far ahead in this, and expect Mormons, Protestants, and all other Christians to do God's will, that is also about avoiding to teach perversion and immorality to the masses via big box media or via the Internet.

If you love God and then your neighbor, YOU INSTRUCT YOUR NEIGHBOR ABOUT WHAT IS GOOD and WHAT IT IS EVIL, perversions are a satanic influence, so if you don't alert your neighbor at least once you are not Christian or Catholic, and, if after you alerted your neighbor he / she remains deaf, it's not your fault, too bad for them.

The strong powers that oppose the Holy Bible must simply be denounced in court, for example in Europe, the Hague is at the disposal of the country of God par excellence, the United States of America.

No more blood on that sacred and glorious flag! We understood the truth.

Otherwise do not be frightened or cry by what may happen due to your inertia, your indifference and your zombies, God is going to punish you also for the past and for what you have allowed, because allowing certain mafia things to happen to human beings and even against simple children, without reacting, is worse than be a perverted sodomite like Elton John or Nichi Vendola, it is for hypocrites and worms without dignity, for this reason God, while being patient, will do Justice if necessary in your place, and it will be the end in that case.

Those satanists and perverted luciferian agents have corrupted many people, and they harmed women, children, innocent people and Saints, and certain beasts STILL continue to appear on TV, such as the clown servant of lucifer Matteo Renzi, so, if Putin or others will exterminate, or if God will do it directly, it will be the fault of those who, although not harmed, have not acted to restore some Justice, God will vomit on you and what is written in the Letter of Judith, you will see with your eyes before you die.

The sub-monkeys A.L. (the false lamb) and F.M. (the snack), both same age of the son of perdition ('77, toh!) will pay the insult they made to innocents and to the Holy Lady Virgin Mary.

Christians, Muslims and true Jews must be UNITED against satan! voilà, les jeux sont faits.... HTML tutorial