Until all the military and military police in the world testify to the Hague Tribunal (ICC) on the facts relating to the Last Times: "Pope" Francesco666<>Francesco the snack, a satanist (year '77) of Sassuolo (MO) that has simply copied selling books from other real authors and thank to the support of devil powers (killers and perverted luciferian agents), he tried to narrate stupid "sales techniques" actually connected with unbridled sex, gossip, vanity and other filth of possessed people, supported by some misguided satanic finance (endangered monkeys). Moreover, in the group of useless servants who follow him on facebook, he cursed Our Lady in an unprecedented way as well as having, with his foolish servants, stocked up on illegal weapons taken by stupid criminals like him. Justice is coming for those poor worms! Be happy right now! Then the false lamb of the Apocalypse (year '77 too, A.L. - province of Bari), a stupid new age puppet who mimics being "catholic" (sic!) but useful only for the following and failed narrative: do not go to them who are full of defects and are war invalids (as many petioles men label others for reasons of satanic pride), but come to us who are PERFECT.

Got it? The Rothschild's masonries and their stupid satan are so stupid that they have not understood the true meaning of the Value curve, the Formula 1 experts are much smarter than satan and all those luciferian monkeys ....

But they are like all new age zombies or like false christians or false Buddhists, monkeys of course not disturbed by the devil. It's all about PICCIOLI (simple), it means stupid people, mafia and luciferian agents that live on the skin and damage of others, like a tapeworm.

Arcangelo Corvaglia, the son of perdition with a stupid advocate's studio in Maglie - LE - Italy (year '77, toh!), his father, Luigi Corvaglia is another stupid and cowardly advocate of satan and corrupter of judges; the "mother" of Arcangelo Corvaglia is the great prostitute of the Apocalypse, her name is Mercedes Pezzuto (which embodies the prostitution of Babylon-Rome666), since the 60s, drunk with the blood of saints, martyrs, innocents, soldiers, for reasons of unbridled perversion, and all the connected scams of pervert masonries, mobsters, sodomites, perverts people and other criminals sold to lucifer like the anti-christian stupid politic, mason and mafia Matteo Renzi, a sick and criminal clown, worse than Craxi, infiltrated even in the media sector to try to damage a serious media entrepreneur as in fact also happened with an unprecedented and malicious illegal judicial massacre by corrupt judges, manipulated and ideologized by the devil and its luciferian agents, the luciferian vandals have caused injuries to many honest and right people because their excuse has always been to say that, they do it to help, understand? SO, only after a regular ICC PROCESS and 100% Justice wanted by God, this site will be closed, PERIOD.

On this website part of the battle between good and evil, the American flag is a must, it is the flag that has contributed most to good on the planet; the leading Super State of the whole world, but, as a great woman like Cameron Diaz teaches, the actress she stated that she seriously found joy and peace only after she stopped acting.

She may have realized herself that some Hollywood-enforced movies narratives are incompatible with the oath on the Holy Bible that the American Presidents make to correspond to God's will during their tenure.

Hollywood narratives, with all possible respect for Hollywood, should avoid scenes where gay or other perverted people, and any person who has been taken away from God, are told and narrated as normal. Even the recitation does not exempt man from giving the right instructions, in a country where the Holy Bible is sworn it is unheard of to recite to teach lies and a false science about sodomites. Who are these strong powers that also row in Hollywood against the sacred oath of American Presidents?

Whose responsibility is for the deception of so many people, masses of people, that even just watching certain movies have had the misconception that buggers and perverts are admissible rather than considered immoral, sick and to be treated, to be respected, but above all if they go to the doctor in order to be curated with due discretion and respect, they are human beings too.

Also cting serves to teach serious things, not perversions and immorality, also for this reason the legendary actress Cameron Diaz said, << I am at peace only now that I have stopped acting >> She stops acting just 8 years ago (2014), but her declaration is not still understood, she is tired too of a world of acting and lies to tell what is not the will of God, but false narratives and a false science financed by criminals that his adversary will, satan, a monkey to be crushed mercilessly, above all with the right instructions in the movies, because people not only learn in school and college, but also with Hollywood movies.

Movies like Gladiator still teach good things thank God, but too many movies still show sodomites as normal lifestyle rather then satanic and immoral, dangerous not only for children that could be infected by watching TV or going to the cinema, but dangerous also for adult people.

Ronald Reagan was an actor too, like Cameron Diaz, that acting talent is a way to teach good things, JFK dreamed a word FREE and INDEPENDENT from evil and demonic interests (Rothschild's matrix), not a world independent and indifferent in the sense of allowing (or even teaching by movies) the worst possible perversions as they were normal and natural, against any real science and against morality, but, above all, against God and His Holy Bible.

Why and how are they still being threatened despite JFK's sacrifice? It is a problem of poor culture? If yes please add more culture inside Hollywood too!

Roman Rite Catholics are far ahead in this, and expect Mormons, Protestants, and all other Christians to do God's will, that is also about avoiding to teach perversion and immorality to the masses via big box media or via the Internet.

The strong powers that oppose the Holy Bible must simply be denounced in court, for example in Europe, the Hague is at the disposal of the country of God par excellence, the United States of America.

No more blood on that sacred and glorious flag! We understood the truth.

Otherwise do not be frightened or cry by what may happen due to your inertia, your indifference and your zombies, God is going to punish you also for the past and for what you have allowed, because allowing certain mafia things to happen to human beings and even against simple children, without reacting, is worse than be a perverted sodomite like Elton John or Nichi Vendola, it is for hypocrites and worms without dignity, for this reason God, while being patient, will do Justice if necessary in your place, and it will be the end in that case.

Those satanists and perverted luciferian agents have corrupted many people, and they harmed women, children, innocent people and Saints, and certain beasts STILL continue to appear on TV, such as the clown servant of lucifer Matteo Renzi, so, if Putin or others will exterminate, or if God will do it directly, it will be the fault of those who, although not harmed, have not acted to restore some Justice, God will vomit on you and what is written in the Letter of Judith, you will see with your eyes before you die.

The sub-monkeys A.L. (the false lamb) and F.M. (the snack) instead of teaching serious things they even used their ape courses to luciferately insinuate lies even about dwarfism and other things by narrating what suited them, lying and hoping to get away with it. Angel Lux, lucifer, is a spirit of false light that the false lamb of the apocalypse and the snack perfectly embody, aided by Matteo Renzi in their lies of convenience. They will be condemned as lucifer and destroyed physically, financially and morally this time by God, superior to any angel of false light and any freemasonry or human beings organized in the most perverse crime, and by masses of Africans who hate their wickedness and cowardice, they and all of them Italian evil accomplices. A man from Vicenza (Luca Maculan) is aware of how the false lamb of the Apocalypse (A.L., of casamassima, Bari) insinuated lies in a Luciferian way, confused by himself and by Satan, together with unauthorized and equally poisonous Luciferian services and villains, manipulators and builders of PERVERTs, necessary for their vanity to feel better. By creating sodomites and perverts, they create manipulations, but this game of the devil is about to end, with a revenge that will be brutal against the servants of satan and the BARESE MASONRY, which wanted statues of sphinxes in Catholic Churches, for this they will be exterminated or imprisoned, they dared to dirty the Temples of God, with impunity, now God will do Justice and no one will be able to oppose His Holy Wrath.

Christians, Muslims and true Jews must be UNITED against satan!

In court we will give names and surnames both of luciferian agents such as snacks, false lambs and other worms, and of the more hidden ones who pretend to be friends, we will give names and surnames to the Italian Carabinieri and French Gendarmerie and then with them in the ICC Court, and we will not change our mind, lie offends and hurts the Truth, STUPID INCOMPETENTS and anti-Christians! From what Our Lord Jesus Christ suffered to save us 2000 years ago, you have understood nothing and still continue to be neither hot nor cold, out of demonic cowardice, look inside yourselves and SHAME, but do it before the massacre comes from Heaven!

Ave Maria!

To the devil's advocate Luigi Corvaglia (he is Italian, it's not about Hollywood, those stupid Italians masons-mafia don't understand the language of Shakespeare), but those vandals damaged even one of their granddaughters, to insinuate lies and blackmail the UK, they have caused cosmetic damage to their own granddaughter, but to accuse others, understand? The perverse reasons are unfortunately CLEAR, they are criminals and mentally ill, murderers and satanic vandals (PICCIOLI), they MUST be put in prison for life....
Subhuman advocate of the devil Luigi Corvaglia, HI :-) Please prepare yourself and your son (of perdition), and your stupid vandals, for the law courts (ICC) at the Dutch Court in The Hague for crimes against humanity and even against your own niece to whom your vandals made lose the baldness; you are just filthy goats and monkeys, and from now never more avoid law courts again, show up at the law court as soon as you receive the invitation to appear, NOT in Italy, in The Hague, Netherlands, WE LEGALLY JUDGE WITH THE COURTS, not like you vandals and murderers, corrupters and monkeys of Babylon666 (Rome and the Bergoglian Vatican) that is incarnated by your perverted satanic wife, understood advocate of the devil? You MUST learn English FAST as God commands because at the ICC the CLEAN Judges only speak English, the universal language of Justice, and you no longer try to harm or create false evidence with the help of the devil to discredit serious people or kill saints and innocents, people respectable who love God, Who does not know you, cursed GOATS and failed p-i-c-c-i-o-l-i (now this nickname identifies the scum of the scum of the world, produced by the masonries of the Rothschilds and into which you fell with Renzi and Craxi, out of lust for criminal, mafia and masonic failed powers, SHAME WORMS AND MONKEYS, we are waiting boldly in a SERIOUS Court at the International Criminal Court (ICC) :-), there is NO corruption of judges there, SO, consider yourself and your vandals already in prison, together with certain luciferian stipid peope who disappear every time a carabiniere approaches, so those worms will also go to prison, we have now also the cloud memories that memorize all the stupid activities of those servants of lucifer, foolish servants for advantage, incapacity and cowardice, parasites who are about to disappear, we promise, we don't tolerate stupid people and agents of lucifer....

Those mentally ill of mafia-masons-satanists have even harmed a young woman of their own side when she went to the UK, in order to make ape victimization and unjustly accuse the United Kingdom of crimes (got it?), those vandals are crazy to be locked up in an asylum, very dangerous since they harm women of their same own side for the purpose of cheating, lies and simian accusations even against Great Britain, they have to be arrested, the devil's advocate Luigi Corvaglia, and his corruption and connections are just about vandals and criminals to be arrested, SOON....

The inventions and lies useful to feed the humanist pietism of the devil, through its luciferian agents, even ignorants of small towns, is not a help for the devil and its stupid luciferian agents, but in reality they are accelerating their end on this earth, to go and roast for eternity (as intensive farming chickens, tortured in the hell). The best thing those perverted monkeys can do as potential smacks on Earth is to disappear and never be seen again, simple.

look: Unfortunately, the great prostitute Mercedes Pezzuto ( DRUNK ON THE BLOOD OF SAINTS; MARTYRS, INNOCENTS, CHILDREN, SOLDIERS, WOMEN) has also partly damaged the good name of a great German cars manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG, so, do not worry if the great prostitute unfortunately bears this name, continue to buy German super cars, they are people innocent, serious, CLEAN and with great talent in designing cars, and their workers have no fault, nor the management, the great prostitute of the Apocalypse is an Italian woman who embodies Rome/Babylon666, drunk with the blood of saints, martyrs, innocent soldiers who fought wars because of of the Rothschilds who kill, war and then speculate on reconstruction, as happened with Hitler and in many other wars, the Americans have resisted and have done everything possible, as heroes, despite the satanic fraud of the debt-money, the secular deception of the family of satanist Rothschild masons-bankers, the crooks of the money narratives who still dare to enslave the whole world, with a scam based on ILLEGAL money accounting, lasted for too long, over two centuries. They created pain, death and perversion in the world, serving lucifer for two centuries, and abandoning Africa for two centuries, with impunity.

In Italian: Rimaniamo comunque abbastanza miti e tolleranti, NONOSTANTE TUTTO, ma se continuano lo sterminio su certi vandali è ASSICURATO.

La sintesi per chi è rimasto indietro:


Numero della cabala satanista (NON ebraica): 770
Significato: intorno al parassita figlio della perdizione, Arcangelo Corvaglia, hanno messo dei vandali e connection scimmiesche, dovevano avere la sua stessa annata, il '77, per fare i governi occulti, da Craxi a Renzi, poveri idioti....
Il figlio della perdizione, cioè della grande prostituta moglie dell'avv. Luigi Corvaglia, poteva avere connection soltanto con SPIE DEVIATE e gentaglia costruita dalle massomafie.
Poi parleremo dell'idolatria anche a base di sfingi (volute da quello che i massoni chiamano "il grande architetto", che in realtà è satana, la scimmia, e parleremo al Giudice dell'Aja di altri incapaci costruiti dalle massomafie, cioè da mediocri inutili e spie deviate. I soliti massoni mediocri hanno cercato (inutilmente) di scartare gente seria e per bene, in modo inaudito, uccidendo santi, bambini, martiri, innocenti e persino giovani donne della loro stessa parte, come la nipote dell'avv. del diavolo, per fare le scimmie vittime e per evitare il confronto alla pari. Come mai i vandali mafiosi operativi in UK senza l'autorizzazione della Regina Elisabetta non hanno fatto perdere le calvizie ad Arcangelo Corvaglia, ma solo ad una giovane donna innocente? Come mai pagano sempre gli altri per alimentare i loro imbrogli demoniaci ed avvantaggiare gente mediocre che non disturba i Rothschild? Creano danni a innocenti e spiano persino quelli della loro parte, persino usandoli come polli da allevamento intensivo (persino donne della loro parte, si tratta di bestie da cancellare da questo pianeta). Sarete distrutte BESTIE!

Quei crimini li stiamo includendo uno ad uno, con VERI AVVOCATI PENALISTI GLOBALI, non con pezzenti di periferia corrotti e corruttori come l'avv. Luigi Corvaglia, nel NUOVISSIMO Super CD "The Great Discovery CLEAR VERSION" che stiamo per consegnare al Tribunale dell'Aja, con nomi, cognomi e falsi nomi di vandali e ciarlatani complici delle bestie....

Qualunque vandalo targato ZERO o altri sciacalli inutili intenzionati a corrompere anche quei Giudici (o fare altre cose NON autorizzate) sarà legalmente annientato, isolato e distrutto insieme ai suoi aiutanti occulti

Prima bestia: Bergoglio666 e organizzazione collegata intorno
Figlio della perdizione = Arcangelo Corvaglia (del '77) La sua estensione new age, anche detto, idiota inutile raccomandato da massonerie e mafie: il falso agnello dell'Apocalisse (del '77) A.L.
L'estensione più satanica del figlio della perdizione Arcangelo Corvaglia: la merendina di Maranello (del '77): F.M. (porcellino e pervertitore per conto di satana).
Grande prostituta (Babilonia/Roma), impersonata dalla moglie dell'avv. Luigi Corvaglia. Non si dice il nome della zoccola perché offende uno dei più grandi brand della storia dell'auto.
La mente della seconda bestia: Avv. Luigi Corvaglia, coadiuvato dall'organizzazione massonica e mafiosa (anche a sua insaputa, dagli anni 60, quando era a Roma/Babilonia con quella zoccola accanto, oltre che da Bettino Craxi, criminale fuggito in Tunisia e morto come un maiale col fiato sul collo (ora all'inferno ad arrostire in eterno), l'avv. Corvaglia recentemente è stato sfruttato da un altro suo pari venduto al demonio, alle mafie e alle massonerie, l'incapace e incompetente, filo sodomiti e filo-massoni, Matteo Renzi, colui che ha fatto ascendere la prima bestia in Vaticano, usando il governo italiano con i nostri soldi, per potere personale massonico mafioso, e facendo anche altro, servendo lucifero alla fine del suo governicchio massonico inutile. Ovvio che se Renzi e altri vandali collegati non faranno la fine di Craxi o se non vengono arrestati e puniti duramente, l'Italia, a partire da Babilonia666 (Roma) andrà distrutta, semplice, oppure venduta a carissimo prezzo a imprenditori esteri SERI che non fanno compromessi con le bestie e con vandali luciferini.

I governi occulti che hanno collaborato con certi vandali (sulle nostre spalle e sulle spalle di santi , martiri, soldati, forze dell'ordine), da Craxi, a Renzi ecc.. con altri sciacalli, subiranno lo sterminio se non bloccano le menzogne sataniche e le tenebre luciferine, scacciando la bestia666 dal vaticano e da Roma, inclusi certi parassiti assatanati che osano braccare treni etc etc.... o tagliare pneumatici di auto civili con coltelli militari secondo i fini malvagi dell'organizzazione della prima bestia (Bergoglio666 e la merendina pervertita di Maranello) e dell'organizzazione della seconda bestia (l'avv. ignobile e in estinzione Luigi Corvaglia, suo figlio (della perdizione), il falso agnello dell'Apocalisse (di Casamassima) collegato come la merendina, con attività costruite e carriere collaterali costruite, ai danni di altri, santi, martiri, soldati, innocenti etc etc etc etc). La zoccola dell'avv.Luigi Corvaglia non per niente viene descritta come "ebbra del sangue dei santi e dei martiri".
Ma grazie a Dio per quelle bestiacce è GAME OVER!.......


Signed by....
HTML tutorial Lo scimmione calpestato che si vede nello sfondo, dall'inizio del mondo e col peccato originale si era illuso di sfidare Dio, come? Si era inventato persino "ditte di pulizia improvvisate", anche impossessandosi della moglie dell'avvocato Luigi Corvaglia, ma il topo di fogna (lo scimmione, satana) ha sempre avuto strani "equivoci culturali" sul significato di RIPULIRE E ASCIUGARE LE PERSONE, creature di Dio e Figli di Dio. Quindi Avvocato Corvaglia, informi la zoccola che le persone non si ripuliscono in quel modo (quella è Babilonia666, Roma, che con Bergoglio e Renzi ha raggiunto l'apice dello squallore), lo dica anche ai sodomiti con cui le due bestie si sono alleate, o si convertono oppure, saranno STERMINATI, Amen! Non sarà contento soltanto Putin, ma anche noi Eletti....

...per non parlare, come ci hanno detto altri Eletti, di meschini e vili operai dell'Enel (con la coppola) nascosti nelle sagrestie delle chiese a spiare e origliare in modo INAUDITO fedeli mentre si confessavano; avveniva anche questo ai tempi malvagi del mediocre e incapace massomafioso Matteo Renzi, è un altro fatto dello squallore renziano-bergogliano raggiunto da Babilonia666. Metteremo la parola FINE sulle teste e sulle corna (massoniche) di quella gentaglia IGNOBILE! Si vergognino e spariscano istantaneamente da TV e mass media per evitare una punizione peggiore su di loro e sui vandali a loro collegati....

Anyway until we wait for the ARMAGEDDON Entertainment we have already found the right instruments to enjoy the self-defense party, just excellent guns approved by the Super Civilian American WORLDWIDE Handguns Marketplace, that of course influences the whole world.... Yankees are the right world influencers despite the Rothschild's satanic monkey-banksters... So, the PlayStation 6's Armageddon Entertainment is coming dear PICCIOLIs and devil's monkeys (aka: stupid spies with a simply stupid display). When law enforcement soldiers from around the world are at a disadvantage and are unable to get and arrest mafia and criminals, we've understood who is to blame, the spies of the devil, so we will arrive at the Hague Tribunal armed ALSO with REAL evidences about all luciferian agents (the snacks) that harm the work of law enforcement....

Ah, I was about to forget: MILITARY PSYCHIATERS are coming for snacks, PICCIOLIs and for other sub-monkeys :-) Approved by the Supreme Law....

Armageddon Entertainment | TARGA | Silv...
...et voilà, les jeux sont faits....
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